A Loaded Topic – How to Save Money Buying Diapers Online

Like most people who have children, which I do, I know diapers are ridiculously expensive.  Luckily saving money on them is easy and I’ll explain in detail how to save money on diapers.  There are a few different sites that offer large discounts by purchasing diapers in bulk. Below is a breakdown of the different sites that offer discounts on diapers online.

Buying In Bulk

Obviously there’s a ton of money to be saved in purchasing diapers in bulk but not everyone has the space for a warehouse full of diaper boxes.  I say if you can afford to buy in bulk do so because in the long run it will be worth it.  Children are expensive so any way a parent can save money is the best way.  Diapers.com has a plethora of selections on sizes ranging from preemie to toddler.  Popular brands include:

  • Huggies
  • Pampers
  • Seventh Generation
  • Nature Baby
  • gDiapers
  • Earth’s Best
  • Bamboo Nature
  • Babykicks
  • Blueberry
  • BumGenius
  • Broody Chick

And many, many more!  Just check out the website for a complete list of brands.

Buying Single Boxes

Okay, okay I know buying in bulk isn’t for everyone.  Maybe it’s a space issue.  Maybe it’s a budget issue.  In either case while buying in bulk does save money some parents don’t have it in their budget.  I know it’s difficult for me some weeks.  Living paycheck to paycheck has made it hard for me to buy even single boxes of diapers from the local grocery store.  And then my friend told me about how she buys diapers through Amazon Mom and I was so excited!  It’s a great way to save money, especially if you have more than one child close in age like I do.

But Amazon Mom is a promotional offer and not everyone is eligible.  Still there are other sites to explore.  These include: Diaperbuys, Babybestbuy, Ebay, and Smarter.  I know Ebay sounds like a fishy place to purchase diapers from but there are great finds on there, some brand new packages as low as $5.99!  So in my opinion it’s worth it to search around the internet to find the best deal.

What About Deals On Cloth Diapers?

As a parent I know how important it is to give your baby the very best of everything.  Parents all have different preferences when it comes to the types of diapers they want their child to wear.  For me cloth diapers were just too expensive and too much work but if I were to dig around for the best deals on cloth diapers I would definitely go with Nicki’s Diapers.  Right now the website is offering a 15-day trial run on their diaper service.  If I were a new parent and unsure of whether or not I wanted to go with cloth or disposable diapers this would be what I would choose.  It’s the best service for the price and the varieties in styles and colors are endless.

Still another option for cloth diapers that’s just as impressive is Diaper Junction.  The website blends in links to all sorts of diapers, not just cloth.  They even offer diaper covers!  Try out Fuzzibunz, GrowVia, or BunGenius for more cloth options.  They are all worth the time to try.  As a parent I know the search for the right brand and type of diaper can be daunting, but I also know that every baby is different and prefers a particular brand over another.  The search is worth the work and the money saved can be invested in other things in the long run.

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How To Save Money On Your Electricity Bill Without Living Like The Amish

These days, most people try to conserve energy as much as possible to reduce electric bills and help protect the environment. However, nobody wants to sweat through hot summer months or stop using their automatic dishwasher to accomplish this goal. Consider a few simple tips to reduce your electric bill without having to turn back to 19th century technology.

Use Ceiling Fans Wisely.

Actually, you should learn to use any fans wisely. Fans work because they help cool people off, and this helps us feel comfortable at a higher temperature the same way that a breeze cools us off outside on a warm day. People who use fans might be able to set their AC thermostat a bit higher, but fans don’t actually cool off a room. In fact, the motor may actually generate warmth. That means that fans should be turned off when nobody is in the room to benefit from them.

Buy an Evenings and Weekends Discount Plan

Electric companies have been promoting plans that provide discounts for electricity use during non-peak usage times. If you purchase one of these plans, turn on the dishwasher, electric drier, and swimming pool pump during discounted hours. If everybody goes off to work or school during the day, make sure the thermostat gets adjust a few degrees before everybody leaves. Smart thermostats can automatically adjust the temperature right after everybody leaves and again before everybody returns home.

Consider Sealing Up Drafts And Increasing Insulation

One of the cheapest and most effective steps people can take to make their homes more comfortable and energy-efficient is to seal them up better. The supplies to seal up leaks around windows and door frames should cost less than $50. Improving attic insulation should only cost a few hundred dollars. Moderately handy people can do the work themselves and save even more.

Save Money in Comfort

Most people can substantially reduce their energy bill by taking a few simple measures to improve the way that they use energy and make their home more energy efficient.

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Real Life Examples of How to Save Money and Live on a Budget

Living on a budget and saving money are a lot like exercising. We want to do it, we know we should do it and often we begin to do it. However, like all well intentioned things the gusto fades and we fall right back into old habits. However, there are things you can do to keep yourself on budget and saving money that won’t seem so daunting.

Write it down

When planning a budget, the first thing you should do is make a list of every expense you think you will have at the start of each month using a spreadsheet or a budget planner. Don’t forget to add a category for unexpected costs. Typically, you want to plan ahead one month at a time. Planning ahead any longer can be overwhelming.

Now that you have your total, compare it with your budget. If it is higher, which unfortunately, it almost always is; try to think of small things you could cut out. Maybe you have $100 in entertainment, try cutting it $75. You may miss a movie or have to make your own coffee for a few days, but it’s no big deal.


Once your budget and expenses are aligned you can move to the next step, couponing. No not crazy coupon lady couponing, but smart shopping couponing. Invest in your Sunday paper. You can buy a coupon organizer or make your own. Make sure to take it with you any time you go out. Organizing your coupons are a must. For example, when you are on the cereal aisle, you can just pull out your booklet, go to the breakfast category, and check your coupons. You only have to go through the paper once a week and the savings are worth it.

Keeping track

Always put into your spreadsheet or budget book the amount of money you spend each day. I usually fill mine in once every evening. Check to see if you are keeping on track with your budget. If you have to curb your spending, do it with a few small things. Like I said, making your own coffee a few times a month is not going to kill you. So instead of taking a large chunk out of something, take a little bit from each category. You may even decide it’s something you can do without.

Every penny counts, really, it does.

This last bit of advice is the best advice I have ever tried when it comes to saving money. Get yourself a change jar. I prefer the one’s you can get that count the money for you. It’s very motivating to see the number increase with each coin. The first time I tried it was right after the holidays. I was feeling penniless, and decided to save every cent for when the holidays rolled back around. The next December I had $900 saved. Needless to say, I now do it every year. It is amazing how much you can save.

Let’s recap

The following are simple ways for you to budget and save money.

  • Make a list of all your expenses and align with your budget.
  • Get a Sunday paper and go through the coupons, keep them organized.
  • Insert daily spending into a budget planner each day to stay on track.
  • Get a coin jar, put a future date on it, and try not to open again until that date.

Budgeting doesn’t have to be a daunting task. These simple suggestions can get you on track with your budget without feeling like you are depriving yourself of a fun filled life.

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There’s saving money. And then there is madness.

If you’ve gone the route of cutting costs, but cutting down on toilet paper consumption in your house. Then this post is for you.

I recently read an article on Reddit.com with the following title,
reddit money savings
I have family members who “save” money by buying terrible 1 ply toilet paper. Reddit, what money saving practices that people use do you find to not be worth the savings?
read it here

And it got me to wondering. What things do I do, being the tight ass money saver I am.

Do I do anything to go overboard? Do I spend more time with the intention of saving money, but all the time spent is really just wasting money?

So I took a mental review of my day to see what I’m doing and thought about if it’s wasting money.

Let’s see…

When I wake up in the morning, I brush my teeth. But I don’t just pop the tooth paste lid back and squeeze some paste on my tooth brush.

No. Tight butt money saving is all about conserving. What I do is squeeze out every last drop. And then after I do that, I don’t throw away the tooth paste roll.

Not with all that extra tooth paste on the inside. When it looks like it’s all been used up, I unroll it, run a little water inside, and then shake it up.

I can usually get a few more brushings out of just this little trick.

Does this waste time? I don’t think so.

Let’s investigate another, shall we?

Most people use paper towels the wrong way in my opinion. They pull a wad off the roll. Then they wipe off their hands, and throw it in the garbage.

Do that 10-15 times and you’re walking into the pantry for a new roll.

My rolls last for about 30 days because of my money saving trick.

What I do, is use the same paper towel about 3-4 times. All I do is, when I’m done drying off my hands, I hang the paper towel on a string above my sink.

It takes a few hours to dry, and then it’s my go-to towel for about the next 3, maybe 4 times (max).

Crazy? I don’t think so. I think it’s crazy not to do this.

I spent 4 times less than most people on one of the most consumed household items.

I hope you enjoyed a look into my money saving life.

Stay tuned for more.

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How to Save Money on Groceries by Shopping Online – And It Doesn’t Mean You Need to Live Like a Hermit

Many times our daily work schedule, school activities with the children, and extra-curricular activities, often brings about very little time for grocery shopping. Sometimes what should seem like an enjoyment, turns into a chore. The necessity for online grocery shopping is becoming an ongoing trend on the web. The overwhelming task of shopping is made simple through online shopping. Below are a few tips about how to save money on groceries by shopping online.

inside of fridge 2

Most Popular Items

When shopping for groceries, there is no real trick on how to save money on groceries. Many online companies do not accept coupons unless they are their own. Many of the online grocery stores offer valuable coupons for a large variety of products. Some of the most popular items below are often on sale through online grocery stores.

  • Frozen Food Items
  • Pet Products
  • Hygiene Products
  • Non-perishable Items
  • Beverage Products
  • Many other Products

Research The Online Store

One of the goals of every business is to increase sales. In today’s society it is very important to research any company you intend to do business with. Look at their product line, their sales inventory, the expiration dates of the product, and read the reviews of other customers. This will enable you to find an online grocery store with the best prices available.

Online Stores and Advertisements

Most online stores will honor any sales that are currently going on within the grocery store. It is very important to mention the sales and this will be a step toward saving money on groceries.

Whenever life is overwhelming you with the many duties it brings, take time to use online grocery shopping to free up a portion of it.

My favorite place to shop… no surprise for some of you… is Amazon.com’s grocery and food department

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How to Save Money on Gas Like a Smooth Criminal (Without the Criminal Part)

gas stationWith the high cost of gas these days, many people are looking into how to lower their gas bill, including me. I’ve found some great methods to boost the amount of time between fillings, and I want to share them with you.

The first things are just basics. I make sure that my car is well maintained. I keep the tires inflated and do regular maintenance. These are little things, but they’re easy to do and every little bit cut off my gas bill helps.

After that, there wasn’t much I could do to improve my car’s efficiency unless I bought a different one (not an option). So I looked into changing my driving. I found that the way I drive has a huge impact on gas efficiency. Cars are given highway and city MPG ratings, but that is only a small part of the story.

An accelerating car is very inefficient, having an MPG far below the sticker. Conversely, a car that’s coasting uses barely any fuel at all. When driving in a city, I changed my driving habits by easing up on the accelerator. I accelerated more slowly away from a light, and when I saw a red light ahead I started coasting immediately. I won’t win any races, but my gas mileage went up.

On the highways there aren’t any lights, of course, but the same principles apply. Cars have peak MPG at around 55-65 MPH, depending on the model. I had to make sure to budget a little extra time, but slowing down increased my fuel savings on the highway.

Finally, I combined trips and used my car less overall. Fuel efficiency is much lower when the engine is cold, so short trips are very inefficient. I figured out how I could combine errands, since the engine stays warmer during the trip and is more efficient.

Saving money on gas can seem difficult, and it does take a bit of sacrifice. But with the price of gas seemingly increasing every day, can you really afford not to try it out?

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